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Sharknado 2 Movie Liveblog!
Welcome to DailyKos' second annual liveblog of the television movie disaster/disaster movie Sharknado. This year's sequel is the cleverly-named Sharknado II: The Second One . The movie begins at ...
weatherdude 07/30/2014 244 58 1 -
Announcing DailyKos' Second Annual Sharknado Liveblog
Greetings! I come bearing gifts. And by gifts, I mean a tornado with sharks in it. Last year's cultural phenomenon Sharknado! grew a cult following on the internet, and DailyKos was not immune ...
weatherdude 07/30/2014 61 41 2 -
Here's How Drudge Is Handling the Benghazi Suspect Capture
They're so happy about the capture of the suspected ringleader of the Benghazi attacks , clearly the worst terrorist ...
weatherdude 06/17/2014 96 247 3 -
The CIA just joined Twitter and...
...they hired a pretty damn good social media coordinator.
weatherdude 06/06/2014 62 145 3 -
Heads Up: Dangerous Severe Weather Outbreak Today (UPDATE: Derecho Imminent)
A major severe weather outbreak is on tap for the central United States this afternoon, with a moderate risk for severe weather extending from Nebraska to Illinois. The threats today include the ...
weatherdude 06/03/2014 54 196 - -
PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS SITUATION: Violent Tornado Outbreak Unfolding Across Deep South
weatherdude 04/28/2014 153 224 1 -
ALERT: Major Tornado Outbreak Likely Today
A major tornado outbreak is on tap for parts of the southern and midwestern United States this afternoon, with a high likelihood for large, violent, long-track tornadoes extending from Louisiana ...
weatherdude 04/27/2014 57 195 - -
Major Severe Weather Forecast Redesign on the Horizon
The Storm Prediction Center is planning a major redesign of their severe weather outlooks, replacing the current system with a more detailed scale that's aimed at better relaying the threat for ...
weatherdude 04/23/2014 26 113 1 -
Nancy Grace Writes Offensive Dead Babies Tweet, Absolutely Nobody Shocked
I would add some commentary, but the tweet speaks for itself and nothing I could say would make this look any worse than it already does.
weatherdude 04/14/2014 46 36 - -
Heads up: Major severe weather outbreak possible tomorrow.
There's a risk for a major severe weather outbreak tomorrow across parts of the Mississippi and Ohio Valleys as shown by the severe weather outlook above, especially in the areas shaded in red, ...
weatherdude 04/02/2014 71 241 - -
Breaking News from CNN!
A Malaysia Airlines jet is missing.
weatherdude 03/19/2014 56 24 - -
Why I'm still in this general vicinity.
Since I started The Vane last week, I haven't participated in meta for the first time in forever. So...hi. How's everyone doing?
weatherdude 03/12/2014 86 138 - -
Check out my new weather site at Gawker.
After over four years of blogging here at DailyKos and eight months of writing for the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang , I'm beyond thrilled to announce that that I've been brought on by ...
weatherdude 03/03/2014 153 405 3 -
Winter storm set to impact US. Weatherdude set to impact foot in mouth. Sort of.
As you'll probably remember from earlier this week, I posted a diary proclaiming a viral social media story about a massive, paralyzing, historic winter storm to be a hoax designed to drive page ...
weatherdude 03/01/2014 227 541 - -
You're the first line of defense against social media misinformation.
I wrote a diary yesterday which one could diplomatically summarize as a primer in not spreading misinformation through social media because it can dupe thousands into believing something that is ...
weatherdude 02/26/2014 55 139 2 -
Rumors of a historic winter storm next week are a HOAX. Spread the word.
There's rampant speculation around social media right now that there's going to be a historic, blockbuster winter storm that affect over two-thirds of the United States east of the Rockies next week.
weatherdude 02/25/2014 221 345 4 -
Stop blaming the weather for your political incompetence.
Major weather disasters and political controversy are nothing new in the United States. Chicago Mayor Michael Bilandic is widely believed to have lost the Democratic primary for mayor in 1979 due to ...
weatherdude 02/13/2014 146 135 2 -
When big city schools close, kids don't eat.
When a big winter storm threatens to strike a major city like Washington DC or New York City, administrators who run the school districts therein have an extremely tough decision to make: do they ...
weatherdude 02/12/2014 28 76 - -
The End is Nigh: Major Winter Storm Brewing from Louisiana to Maine
(WARNING: diary is image heavy) Winter Storm Gidget (or whatever that channel is calling it these days) is about to get underway across the southern and eastern United States, bringing with it the ...
weatherdude 02/11/2014 393 303 1 -
New York City could see a major ice storm on Wednesday...
A very large portion of the country is at risk for seeing a major winter storm starting tomorrow and lasting through Wednesday, with winter storm warnings up for up to a foot of snow in places from ...
weatherdude 02/03/2014 127 196 - -
DailyKos Exclusive: 2014's Long-Term Winter Outlook
That's right woodchuck-chuckers, it's GROUNDHOG DAY! This year, a bunch of fat old white men pulled a rodent out of of an old tree stump and he whispered to them in groundhogese that there are going ...
weatherdude 02/02/2014 40 82 - -
Rare Winter Storm Set To Impact Deep South From Houston to NOLA/Mobile to Wilmington NC
The last time it snowed in Mobile AL was Feb 12 2010, when we got about half an inch of snow. Picture taken at the University of South Alabama by me. Many of the people I'...
weatherdude 01/26/2014 173 263 2 -
DailyKos Exclusive: January 21st Snowstorm Forecast
It's going to snow. That's usually what happens in January. Any questions?
weatherdude 01/20/2014 119 92 - -
Freezing the Hype: What's a "Polar Vortex?"
The polar vortex is nothing new. We've known of its existence since at least November 1853 . It is a word the media just learned a few weeks ago, and since it sounds scary and new, they ran with it ...
weatherdude 01/17/2014 59 148 1 -
WINO: The Fight For Integrity
In less than 7 hours, DirecTV will drop The Weather Channel unless the two companies can strike a deal regarding the carriage fees that TWC charges in order for its channel to be shown on a cable ...
weatherdude 01/13/2014 53 101 1 -
Freedom of Speech
Dear Duck Dynasty Fans, Recently, Phil Robertson of A&E's reality show Duck Dynasty made remarks in GQ magazine that condemned homosexuality as a sin that serves as a gateway to bestiality, and ...
weatherdude 12/19/2013 172 277 - -
Selfiegate, or more manufactured right-wing poutrage.
SACREBLEU ! The Big Bad Barry is prancing overseas and making a mockery of the U. S. of A. yet again. What did he do this time? This :
weatherdude 12/10/2013 248 259 - -
ALERT: HIGH RISK severe weather outbreak on Sunday across Midwest; violent tornadoes possible.
1220PM CST UPDATE : Several large, violent tornadoes have already been reported in Illinois. There are pictures of horrific damage to homes and businesses coming in from the Peoria IL area. Tornado ...
weatherdude 11/17/2013 194 302 4 -
Info on second (unlikely) tropical system in the Philippines...
On the heels of Haiyan comes word that, while the possibility is remote, another tropical cyclone could form and impact the Philippines within the next couple of days. The central part of the ...
weatherdude 11/11/2013 15 24 - -
yamamizu posted a diary this evening asking where I am and why I haven't posted anything on Super Typhoon Haiyan yet. A few people have asked where I've been the last month or so, so the story is ...
weatherdude 11/07/2013 209 570 - -
My first-hand account with The Obama's death panels.
When I went to bed on Saturday night, I was so thrilled at the thought of crawling into my inviting-looking bed that I actually took a picture of the damn thing because it looked like something you'...
weatherdude 10/15/2013 109 384 1 -
India is about to have a catastrophic humanitarian disaster -- 165 MPH cyclone expected at landfall.
Very Severe Cyclone Phailin approaching the eastern Indian coast on October 11, 2013. Cyclone Phailin is on track to make landfall in the state of Odisha on the northeastern coast of India with 165 ...
weatherdude 10/10/2013 118 446 3 -
National Weather Service Places Hidden "PLEASE PAY US" Message in Forecast
Someone at the National Weather Service office in Anchorage, Alaska inserted a hidden "PLEASE PAY US" message in this morning's forecast discussion (a product that gives the forecaster's scientific ...
weatherdude 10/04/2013 111 400 3 -
Over the next 3 days, the US will see a hurricane, a tornado outbreak, and a blizzard.
As if this week wasn't active enough, the next couple of days will see Tropical Storm (potentially Hurricane) Karen making landfall on the northern Gulf Coast, a major severe weather outbreak across ...
weatherdude 10/03/2013 132 438 3 -
Leo Frigo Bridge (I-43) in Green Bay Closed Due to Sagging
The Leo Frigo I-43 bridge that crosses the Fox River in Green Bay, Wisconsin has been closed since yesterday morning due to the center portion ...
weatherdude 09/26/2013 34 41 - -
Be blessed in the name of our Lord.
I got a lovely spam Kosmail about an hour ago: The spammers are getting more creative. I like it. It's more personal than posting a thousand hit-and-run comments in dead diaries. Plus, I'm ...
weatherdude 09/07/2013 77 154 - -
Sticking To The Weather
A few months ago, I wrote a diary called Stick to the weather, Weatherdude . The title was a tongue-in-cheek reference to the people who derisively tell me to "stick to the weather" when they don't ...
weatherdude 08/26/2013 192 490 2 -
The new Kosbot Moderation System™ is really simple, folks.
There's been a lot of talk over the last 24 hours about how exactly the new moderation robot is going to work to target trolls, deliver fair punishments, and keep people from gaming the system. ...
weatherdude 08/09/2013 147 138 1 -
A response to the ridiculous "45 day forecasts" AccuWeather started pumping out.
Here's a list of reasons why AccuWeather's new 45 day forecasts are a good idea: . . . . .
weatherdude 08/06/2013 117 176 2 -
Tropical Storm Flossie To Hit Hawai'i Tomorrow With ~50 MPH Winds
Tropical Storm Flossie as seen on visible satellite imagery Sunday afternoon. Tropical Storm Flossie is set to be the first tropical system in almost 20 years to make a direct landfall on the most ...
weatherdude 07/28/2013 31 48 - -
Tropics: TS Flossie to hit Hawaii; Atlantic's TS Dorian is a question mark.
Visible satellite image of Tropical Storm Flossie on Friday afternoon. Flossie : All signs are pointing to a period of showers and wind early next week in parts of ...
weatherdude 07/26/2013 9 55 - -
Check out my guest post for Washington Post's "Capital Weather Gang" blog
Some of you have asked why I haven't written about the weather in the last couple of weeks (no, the sharknado doesn't count as weather). Aside from hurricanes and derechos, summer can be ...
weatherdude 07/25/2013 42 134 - -
Reports came out this morning that Asiana Airlines plans to sue KTVU-TV in San Francisco over the disgustingly racist names it posted in a report a few days ago. Almost everyone has heard of the ...
weatherdude 07/15/2013 38 24 - -
Erick Erickson tells liberals to go buy coat hangers after TX abortion bill passes.
I know one-sentence diaries with a screenshot of a Tweet are frowned upon around here, but how could one possibly expand on the absolute class that is Erick Erickson? This man is walking proof that "...
weatherdude 07/12/2013 220 294 5 -
Sharknado! Movie Liveblog
What is poised to be the worst movie in the history of movies -- surpassing both the Twilight series and anything starring Fred Thompson -- comes on the Syfy Channel tonight at 9PM Eastern. And ...
weatherdude 07/11/2013 438 158 2 -
Roanoke VA Receives Over 4 Inches Of Rain in ONE HOUR
Roanoke, Virginia just received one of the heaviest rainfalls I've ever seen on Doppler radar, with areas just north of the City of Roanoke receiving over 4 inches of rain in just one hour's time. ...
weatherdude 07/10/2013 70 143 1 -
Announcing: Movie Liveblog on Thursday -- Sharknado! So bad it has to be good.
I'm a fan of making fun of horrible weather-themed movies and shows. When you're a weather enthusiast, watching producers and actors pretend to know what they're talking about is cringeworthy. ...
weatherdude 07/09/2013 28 30 - -
65 MPH Tropical Storm Chantal -- Hits Greater Antilles Tomorrow, Southeastern US By Weekend
2PM UPDATE: Chantal is now up to 65 MPH. I've updated the map below to reflect the latest advisory. In the diary I wrote on Tropical Storm Chantal when the system first formed on Sunday night, I ...
weatherdude 07/09/2013 33 93 1 -
Tropical Storm Chantal Forms -- Will Hit Caribbean Islands, May Threaten US in 5+ Days
Chantal, the third tropical storm of the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season, has formed out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The National Hurricane Center began issuing advisories on Chantal at 11PM ...
weatherdude 07/07/2013 50 130 - -
Torrential Downpours Expected Over East Coast This Week, Flash Flooding Likely
A ribbon of deep tropical moisture is forecast to sweep across the east coast for the next week, leading to the potential for major rainfall totals and the potential for flash flooding for much of ...
weatherdude 06/30/2013 115 167 - -
[STORM THREAT OVER] Strong line of storms hits west of DC, Baltimore, Philly metro areas.
UPDATE 2 1146PM ET: The line had 78 MPH winds as it came through northern Maryland and did quite a bit of tree/power line damage, but it quickly lost its punch and is no longer severe. UPDATE 1 ...
weatherdude 06/25/2013 30 69 - -
Surprise! The Weather Channel is the only major network that covered Obama's speech.
The Weather Channel has earned its fair share of criticism over the last few years. The cable television mainstay began a slow pivot away from its trademark 24/7 weather coverage in the mid-2000s ...
weatherdude 06/25/2013 140 225 4 -
Stick to the weather, weatherdude.
Putting this here so you guys don't miss it. Did you know there was a tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean two weeks ago? Go read terrypinder's diary about it. I posted my 200th weather diary this ...
weatherdude 06/24/2013 295 420 1 -
Derecho w/ 70-80+ MPH Hits IA/IL/IN, Quickly Dissipating
UPDATE 2 923PM ET: The combination of the derecho moving into more stable air and the cold pool moving too far out ahead of the storms is quickly killing off the MCS. Almost all severe thunderstorm ...
weatherdude 06/24/2013 54 114 - -
Yahoo Goes Birther: Obama won't stop in "country of his birth."
Well then .
weatherdude 06/21/2013 164 167 1 -
Thanks, Obama!
weatherdude 06/20/2013 560 307 3 -
Tornado Hits Denver International Airport, Passengers and Terminals Are Okay
This is too impressive not to post. A tornado hit the sprawling grounds of the Denver International Airport today, missing the terminals to the east by a few thousand feet. The tornado reportedly ...
weatherdude 06/18/2013 89 192 - -
The Feds are up in your cell phone: Automatic Severe Weather Warnings Rolling Out
The Federal government is imposing itself on your cell phone! But in a good way. Hear me out. Everyone in the United States has heard that screechy Emergency Alert System tone that makes your ...
weatherdude 06/14/2013 54 111 3 -
NOTE: This diary will be updated as a liveblog for as long as I can stay awake. New updates are above the squiggle, the original diary is below. UPDATE 4 150AM ET: The derecho is starting to ...
weatherdude 06/12/2013 67 121 - -
LIVEBLOG: Major Derecho/Tornado Outbreak Underway From Iowa to Ohio
Updates will appear above the orange squiggle. Further information about today's severe weather event can be found below the orange squiggle. UPDATE 11 1046PM CT: Doppler radar measures a 96 MPH ...
weatherdude 06/12/2013 215 192 - -
ALERT: High Risk For Destructive Derecho/Tornadoes Today From Iowa to Ohio, Maybe Further East
NEW LIVEBLOG POSTED AT THIS LINK UPDATE 2 201PM CT: New PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS SITUATION Tornado Watch issued by the SPC. It looks like the outbreak is going to extend west to include parts of ...
weatherdude 06/12/2013 120 125 - -
ALERT: Major Severe Weather (Potential Derecho) Wednesday From Chicago to Washington DC
UPDATE 2, 234AM EASTERN: The SPC has pulled the trigger and said that a derecho may develop Wednesday across the moderate risk area. In addition to several strong tornadoes early on in the outbreak, ...
weatherdude 06/11/2013 145 283 1 -
Tornado Watches In Effect From GA to DC to Philly This Afternoon
A large area of the eastern United States is under a tornado watch until 1000PM as numerous storms form and move into an atmosphere ripe for severe weather. The risks this afternoon and evening are ...
weatherdude 06/10/2013 40 133 - -
BREAKING: Taliban Conducts Terror Attack At NATO Headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan
Lots of reports on Twitter that there is a large, active terrorist attack at the NATO Headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan, located at the Kabul International Airport. Looking for hard stories, but ...
weatherdude 06/09/2013 359 112 - -
Tropical Storm Andrea Forms In Gulf, Will Hit FL, Traverse East Coast
Welcome to hurricane season: Tropical Storm Andrea has formed in the Gulf of Mexico, with 40 MPH winds and extremely heavy rain. The story with Andrea won't be wind, but rather rain. Extremely ...
weatherdude 06/05/2013 85 158 - -
Military scandal at the Redstone Arsenal! Or, birth of a conspiracy theory.
The Mysterious Blob of Doom™ on the WHNT-TV weather radar Tuesday afternoon. A strange thing happened in Huntsville, Alabama yesterday. Weather radars with a view of the city saw a thunderstorm ...
weatherdude 06/05/2013 110 207 2 -
BREAKING: NOAA Cancels Furlough After Severe Weather Highlights Importance Of Agency
Whoa : May 31, 2013 To All Employees, The events over the past week, including more devastating tornadoes tonight in Oklahoma and Missouri, remind us how important every single employee within ...
weatherdude 05/31/2013 106 310 3 -
Fleeing Tornadoes By Vehicle Is A Death Sentence
Cars destroyed in the May 20, 2013 tornado in Moore OK. Five people died tonight. Two of them were a little girl and her mother. Police scanners and local news report that they were ejected from ...
weatherdude 05/31/2013 288 450 1 -
UPDATE 20 1220AMCT: I figure I should put up one more update since this was still at the top of the rec list as of early Saturday morning. Severe storms are still ongoing from Oklahoma to Illinois,
weatherdude 05/31/2013 496 280 3 -
Significant Tornadoes Possible In OKC/Tulsa Metro Areas In Umpteenth Day Of Severe Weather
UPDATE 1 128PM CT: Supercell moving towards the OKC Metro and it's rapidly intensifying. From NWS Norman's Facebook page : Mesoanalysis shows the storms will be moving into increasingly favorable ...
weatherdude 05/30/2013 58 65 - -
Severe Weather Outbreak From TX to NE, Significant Tornadoes Possible
UPDATE 2: Severe Thunderstorm Watch in effect for the shaded counties in New England until 1100PM Eastern. Hail larger than golfballs, 70 MPH winds, and a few tornadoes are possible. UPDATE: A ...
weatherdude 05/29/2013 63 206 - -
Sen. Lindsey Graham's Memorial Day Joke About John McCain Dying
No comment necessary.
weatherdude 05/27/2013 51 60 1 -
NOAA's GOES 13 Satellite Fails; Congressional War on Weather Well Underway
A GOES 13 image of Hurricane Sandy, seen a few days before landfall. NOAA's GOES 13 weather satellite has failed for the second time in the last 8 months. GOES-East (as it's commonly known) ...
weatherdude 05/22/2013 107 376 6 -
Tornado Questions Y'all Yankees Are Afraid To Ask
Southerners and Midwesterners know tornadoes intimately. I think all of us have had a close call or worse at one point or another. I've had the honor of blogging from the bathtub at least once the ...
weatherdude 05/21/2013 431 426 6 -
TORNADO LIVEBLOG: Tornado Outbreak Migrates To Texas, DFW Included in Tornado Watch
Day four of a never-ending tornado outbreak is underway as storms start to fire up in west-central Texas and Oklahoma. This is the seventh diary I've written on the weather in the last 48 hours, ...
weatherdude 05/21/2013 106 182 - -
Thoughts On Tornadoes and Moore Oklahoma
I have a bunch of disorganized thoughts on tornadoes that I want to jot down, but I don't want to have to write a bunch of "fluff" to make it into a nice little piece of prose that reads like a story.
weatherdude 05/20/2013 179 416 5 -
TORNADO LIVEBLOG PART II: Moore, Okla. Cleans Up From Unfathomable Destruction, Storms Still Ongoing
The previous liveblog can be found here . Dangerous, tornadic thunderstorms are continuing to roar across the Midwest this afternoon as residents of Moore Oklahoma continue to clean up from the ...
weatherdude 05/20/2013 376 315 2 -
TORNADO LIVEBLOG: New Liveblog Posted, Please Don't Rec This One Anymore
New Liveblog Posted Here Thunderstorms are starting to fire across the Midwest this afternoon as the third day of our first significant springtime tornado outbreak gets underway. I will keep this ...
weatherdude 05/20/2013 430 206 2 -
Violent Tornadoes, Very Large Hail, Strong Winds Expected Again Monday
Here we go again. Round 3 of this severe weather outbreak will unfold on Monday afternoon across the Midwest as the troublemaking low pressure system begins to very slowly make its way off to the ...
weatherdude 05/19/2013 77 115 1 -
Tornado Liveblog: Dangerous Storms Ongoing, Several Large Tornadoes Have Occurred
A third tornado outbreak will occur on Monday over pretty much the same areas that got slammed on Sunday. I have a new diary up with all the details at this link . I'll continue updating this ...
weatherdude 05/19/2013 265 201 1 -
ALERT: Very Dangerous Tornadoes/Hail Expected in OK & KS This Afternoon
(I posted this diary at just about midnight Central Time on Sunday. Since there's some ambiguity with references to "today" due to time zone differences, I'm referring to storms developing on Sunday,
weatherdude 05/18/2013 39 141 1 -
On DailyKos being a very public website.
Just a quick reminder, from personal experience, that DailyKos is a very public website accessible by everyone with an internet connection. It's easy to forget this since we have so many tightly-...
weatherdude 05/15/2013 311 364 2 -
Hey edscan, if you've got something to say, let me know and I'll post it.
6:47 PM PT : My point has been made. Y'all nitpick and complain over every little thing. This is suddenly a troll diary and the worst thing I've ever written, because I poked fun at one user ...
weatherdude 05/04/2013 328 60 - -
Howard Kurtz is just *appalled* that Jason Collins dated a womanfolk. UPDATE: Kurtz Fired
Howard Kurtz, grimacing under the weight of his homophobia. For real. Last night, Putz Kurtz loosely piled together a collection of words from the English language in what could very generously be ...
weatherdude 05/02/2013 284 219 - -
This Is What A Police State Looks Like
"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'" --Fred ...
weatherdude 04/19/2013 933 543 5 -
PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS SITUATION: Tornado Outbreak Imminent in/around Indiana
This won't be a long diary because I'll be in and out of classes all day, but the Storm Prediction Center has just issued a tornado watch with the enhance wording " PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS SITUATION ...
weatherdude 04/18/2013 58 206 - -
Dangerous Tornado/Hail Outbreak Expected Wednesday
The Storm Prediction Center has taken the relatively rare step of issuing a moderate risk for severe weather three days in advance of the predicted event. As is typical for springtime severe weather ...
weatherdude 04/15/2013 64 214 2 -
Why DC barely saw snow, but 6 miles away they got buried.
Snow accumulation reports from NWS Sterling The forecast was wrong 55% because of the weather models and 45% because of wishcasting, groupthink, and human error. As I cautioned last week, the ...
weatherdude 03/06/2013 73 87 - -
Glad to see Kossacks finally embracing bipartisanship.
When the fringes of two sides wrap around far enough, they kiss each other's ass.
weatherdude 03/06/2013 81 24 - -
The anatomy of winter storm hype, or why snow forecasting is like lemon in a paper cut.
The evening run of the weather models is in, and it looks like it's going to snow in a few days. The 10 o'clock news puts "Snow?" up on the Chyron and it's off to the races. Within seconds ...
weatherdude 03/03/2013 92 90 1 -
Big Blizzard Thing #3 For DC? PHL? NYC? OMG!
There's a lot of hype talk on the weather pages of Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the interwebs about an impending Big Blizzard Thing™ that could impact the megalopolis next week. Let's ...
weatherdude 03/01/2013 77 94 1 -
I would post the original song by Kool and the Gang, but we can only afford the cheap instrumental knockoff version. Here's our new National Weather Service. ...
weatherdude 02/28/2013 71 178 - -
Sequester Could Shut Down Nat'l Weather Service for FOUR WEEKS.
When things get bad during the spring tornado season, what organization is at the forefront of the situation, issuing forecasts and crucial tornado warnings that even the private weather companies ...
weatherdude 02/25/2013 151 249 3 -
The Republican Party Hates America.
I was 10 when the September 11th attacks occurred. Some of my first political memories are of George Bush standing in front of Congress and announcing, to rather thunderous applause, "either you're ...
weatherdude 02/14/2013 157 314 2 -
Super Mega Nor'Easter Of Doom 2013
weatherdude 02/06/2013 406 447 2 -
Alabama Governor's Slightly Altered 'State of the State' Address
White gentlemen and other inferior subspecies of the legislature, The State of our State is great. We have successfully arrested 752 old women attempting to play bingo in church, ridding our state ...
weatherdude 02/05/2013 9 25 - -
Significant Tornado Outbreak Likely Today From TX to IL
(Originally posted to The Motley Moose .) A strong cold front that is currently moving through the Central Plains states will act as the proverbial spark in the powder keg this afternoon, firing ...
weatherdude 01/29/2013 80 179 1 -
Weather for Kossacks: Why is it 21 degrees and raining!?
A couple people have asked me why it's 21 degrees and sleeting or raining, rather than snowing, where they live. The below image is called a SKEW-T chart -- this is the chart produced from weather ...
weatherdude 01/25/2013 43 94 1 -
Tornado Survey Results
I know I said I was going to keep the survey going all week and post the results next weekend, but I don't think it would be wise to stick around here much longer lest I say something I regret, so I ...
weatherdude 01/06/2013 59 116 - -
The Official Unofficial DailyKos Tornado Survey of 2013
Do you want to take a quick survey about the effectiveness of tornado forecasts and tornado warnings? Sure you do! It's quick and painless, and at the end of the survey you can opt to answer a few ...
weatherdude 01/05/2013 93 90 - -
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